Do you work in the construction industry or the home building or home remodelling industry? If so, you most likely need quality cabinets for kitchens, bathrooms, or utility closets. Getting a certificate III in cabinet making may be the best option for you. With this course you would learn exactly how to make and install cabinets, which would allow your business to save money and possibly make more money on various projects!

The Certificate III in Cabinet Making is a comprehensive course that provides students with an array of skills and knowledge. This course covers the installation and fabrication of kitchen and bathroom cabinets and furniture, as well as the use of CNC machines. It is also suitable for those with little or no experience in the field.

Qualifications for cabinet makers

A qualification in cabinet making provides an opportunity to learn a variety of trade skills. You will gain knowledge of kitchen and bathroom installations, cabinetry design, and the use of CNC machines. This course is also ideal for those who enjoy working with their hands. It is an apprentice-style course, and it enables you to learn while you work.

A qualification in cabinet making involves two years of part-time study during school, followed by three years of full-time study after graduation. The course requires 100 days of paid employment, and it entails practical exercises and written tests.

Career opportunities after you complete your apprenticeship

There are several career options available after completing an apprenticeship in cabinet making. You can become a cabinet maker, which involves building bespoke pieces of furniture using timber, or you can become a furniture finisher, which consists of restoring old finishes on furniture. You can also become an upholstery repairer, which involves taking apart specific furniture, repairing it, and using a range of materials and fabrics.

Many states require a certain amount of classroom training before a cabinetmaker can become certified. This certification is generally equivalent to four years of full-time employment in the field, and it helps employers recognize that you are an experienced professional. Although you may not need a diploma, certification will help you get a job.

Entry requirements

The Certificate III in cabinet making course teaches a wide range of trade skills. Students will learn about kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, as well as furniture making. They will also learn how to use CNC machines. This course will prepare you for an apprenticeship in the industry. The course covers 28 units.

This course focuses on building in-built and free-standing cabinetry. It also includes environmental considerations and contemporary manufacturing methods. Course content includes hand and power tools, CAD drawing, CNC programming and machining. Students gain practical skills that are essential for a rewarding career in the cabinet making industry. This course is taught on a part-time basis. It is also offered as an Australian Apprenticeship.

Course duration

This course is designed to provide comprehensive training in cabinet making, including the use of CNC machining centres and flat-bed CNC processing centres. It also teaches students how to use computer-aided cutting lists and computer-aided drawing programs. You will also learn how to use hand and power tools. This course is taught in a part-time environment and can be completed in 4 years.

This course is accredited and recognised by the Australian Qualifications Framework. Qualifications issued by Australia are widely recognized throughout the world. Certificate III in cabinet making will get you the qualifications needed in the industry. However, it is important to check the requirements for your home country before enrolling in this program.